Thursday, June 01, 2006

AMA - Duck!

In late April, a pair of ducks took up residence in the fountain of Chicago's AMA Building, the only structure in the city to be designed by the great Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. Despite the common conception otherwise, ducks do not mate for life, but only for the reason, but this couple has seemed inseperable.

How well ducks can survive in the big, cruel city is a matter of continuing anxiety, especially when, oblivious to heavy traffic all around them, the AMA pair were seen casually crossing a nearby intersection. When they disappeared for a while, one could easily have expected the worst, but this week - assuming they're the same ducks -they were again seen swimming in the fountain, a marvelous, pastoral island of calm amidst the urban frenzy. We're glad to have you, Mr. and Mrs. Duck, but please, be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

I saw the AMA ducks yesterday and wondered how they managed to live there. Thanks for the update!

phule said...

I didn't realize there were two! I've only ever seen one walking/swimming around: