Monday, October 16, 2006

Sure - It may look like fun to drive a car off Marina City

Film director Phil Joanou was in town over the weekend to shoot a million dollar commercial for Allstate Insurance, created by Leo Burnett, that had cars racing at speeds up to 75 MPH along the streets of downtown Chicago, underneath the city's historic "L", and, for the big finish, off the 17th floor of Marina City.

And yes, the sight of a car plunging into the Chicago river sure looked like fun, and yes, it sent the crowd of teen-age girls screaming not once, but twice, as the stunt was repeated, but remember this, all of you who may be tempting to try this at home: in the commercial it may look, as intended, just like the famous scene in Steve McQueen's last film The Hunter, but after the cameras stop rolling, the aftermath looks more like the last shot in Psycho.

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