Wednesday, April 01, 2009

iTunes offers free John Cage: 4'33

Ok, you still have to come up with $1.98 to download the entire piece, but iTunes is letting you download the first movement of American composer John Cage's landmark work, 4'33", for free. It's one of most distinctive compositions in contemporary music, and once you've heard it, you won't forget it. If you have iTunes, you can download 4'33" John Cage - Cage: 4'33'' - 4'33'': III - Tacethere.


Meta Brown said...

John Cage's estate has earned quite a reputation for sending out loads cease and desist letters related to this piece. I once saw a post from a musician who had received one of them, in which he mentioned plans to copyright 4'32" and 4'34" and then wait for the opportunity to catch the Cage people violating his intellectual property rights.

Michael said...

Man, something was in the air about 4'33" this week:

I had NOT seen the iTunes thing when I did this.