Monday, May 18, 2009

Legacy at Millennium Park: True (mostly) Fronts; False Backs

From our tireless correspondent Bob Johnson, here's an aerial view of the Wabash Avenue side of Solomon Cordwell & Buenz Associates' The Legacy at Millennium Park, the 820-f00t-high, 73 story tower fronted by the stripped facades of several Jewelers Row landmark buildings. The metal superstructure that supported the facades while the buildings behind them were demolished has been dismantled. The facades, now pinned to the new low-rise construction that has taken the place of the original late 19th century buildings, are now getting the final touches to their restoration/reconstruction. (Adler & Sullivan's landmark 1882 Jewelers' Building can be seen to the left of the grouping.)

The glass curtain wall of Mesa Development's slender tower, which rises up behind the Holabird & Roche/Louis Sullivan Gage Group as it redefines the landmark Michigan Avenue streetwall . . .
. . . continues to climb up towards the crest of the reinforced concrete structure as the Legacy moves closer to its opening date this fall.


Anonymous said...

And the facade to the right of the Jewelers' Building was the front of the Harding's Restaurant building. Those were the days.

Johnson said...

It discuss about the Jewelers Row Chicago which is very famous. Thanks for this information.