Thursday, June 25, 2009

David Woodhouse makes a building disappear at DuSable Harbor

It's Where's Waldo, the architecture edition. Can you spot where the building is here? David Woodhouse Architects tames congestion and clutter at DuSable Harbor with a graceful unmatched set of the contemporary and the pastoral. Read all about it and see the pictures here.


Unknown said...

What's the purpose of that "smokestack"? It's a strange oddity alongside that building.

To me, the building, the steel staircase and the bikepath bridge appear as spartan testaments to budget cuts and vandals. While the architect did an admirable job of accomplishing his goals (especially the view from the west and the nice lawn upon which to rest), the biggest thing that I notice is that these improvements seem to have been slapped up there at minimal cost and in a fashion to make it easy to repair the work of the vandals who visit the area frequently! I would much rather see limestone, brick and other more pleasant materials than corrugated steel and bridge iron.

Unknown said...

I have really enjoyed the interesting use of materials in this building, as well as it's camoflage into the urban scene from the west view. The previous comment re vandals may be accurate, but Woodhouse handled the dilemma in a delightful manner. In regards to "spartan," this project appears thoughtful and thorough relative to the urban landscape. The green roof, the pathways, the bridge, and the pavers were not a cheap combination. Kudos to Woodhouse and the Park District on relatively small piece of the urban fabric done very well!