Monday, August 17, 2009

Why Did the World's Largest Digging Machine Cross the Road?

Choose one:
a. it's afraid of mice.
b. it's going to an audition for the West Loop Transportation Center gig.
c. it's being hired by a Daley administration that's coming to suspect it's not digging Chicago into a big enough hole. (make no little bankruptcies.)
d. it's the prop that's put Terry Gilliam's latest opus major over budget.

via Petapixel and, we give you Bagger 288, the latest of a long line going all the way back to Bagger 1 at Treasure Island in the 1970's. Looking like the mutant progeny of a Swiss army knife and a really big can opener, it's a proud product of Krupp, those wonderful folks that gave you espresso machines and WWII. The actual purpose is to strip mine coal but, hey, let's use a little imagination here.


Anonymous said...

I saw in the link that the size of this monster is as follows:
"....The machine is 104 yards high and 235 yards long (almost 2.5 football fields in length)..."

Unknown said...

dear god that's a big machine. where exactly was that picture taken?

Michael said...

Check out this one in Kansas:

I visited it about 25 years ago, then you could climb to the end of the digging arm, about 12 stories up. Insurers ended that, no doubt. Still, it sits there in this tiny town like an abandoned god, next to the perfectly square lake it dug, and pretty damn aweinspiring.