Thursday, February 03, 2011

Aerialists and composers, gondolas and exposers, minimalists, subliminalists, Jakob, Wright, Mansueto, Shaw, lots maw - February Architectural events Tonight! (and at other hours, as well)

With snow-related cancellations, it's become a month shortened at each end, but the February Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events still has over three dozen great events.

An aerialist in Mie van der Rohe's Carr Chapel? Check.  The gondola as Venice's chariot in its race against Las Vegas? Check.  Did you know they've proposed a monument to Frederic Chopin in Grant Park?  We didn't either, but they have, and there's an event for that.

Plus Dominque Jakob at the Art Institute, Frank Lloyd Wright's SC Johnson Research Tower at CAF, Absolute Sullivan at the Cultural Center, Halvorson and Partners exposed, a hand's-on, day-long festival of engineering for kids, Ragdale, Men in Public Housing, a First Tuesday Happy Hour hung over into the second, a tour of Hoerr-Schaudt, Louis' Jewelbox Banks, engineering the subterranean, glass-domed Mansueto Library, Summit's Testa Produce, and - as they say - much, much more.

Check out all the who, when and where's for February here.

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Anonymous said...

A video presenting a Mansueto Library construction retrospective is now available at

Rachel Rosenberg
Director of Communications
The University of Chicago Library