Thursday, February 21, 2013

At the IBM Langham, Less is a Bore

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Work continues at the new 316-room Langham Chicago at Mies van der Rohes landmark 330 North Wabash, a/k/a the IBM Building, on its way to a scheduled summer opening.  While what's going on inside remains pretty much hidden behind covered-up windows, those windows are now containing glimpses at what the upscale chain's first guests will encounter when the hotel opens later this year.  Even the smallest room is 516 square feet, and comes with a 55-inch flat panel and a direct line to Lester Lampert.
It looks a bit more Morris (Lapidus) than minimalist, universal space meets Richmond International, the London-based design firm Langham has hired to do the interiors, with a punch-through on the floor slabs to create two-story public spaces.  (The views look spectacular.)
 You can see more on the hotel's website here, or just pop by and look at the windows.

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Specologist said...

Morris Lapidus, indeed. Chandeliers in one of the finest Mies van der Rohe office buildings ever built? Like putting video games in a cathedral as far as I'm concerned.