Monday, March 16, 2009

I Be Sick - 2009 Edition

Yes, it's the cicada-like eighteen month or so recurrence of completely non life-threatening but thoroughly annoying illness, accompanied by the usual festival of projectile vomiting, head transformed into a bemurked, dull clanging bog where snatches of Meistersinger, Pulcinella , Nine Inch Nails and basically every piece of music I've ever loved clash against each other in shattered meaningless fragments with all the dull horror of Berlioz's witches sabbath , and the standard accompanying descent into existential dread. My apologies to anyone who showed up for my gallery talk at CAF this past Saturday. I'm very sorry. (Not as sorry as I am for myself, at the moment, of course, but sorry, nontheless.) Hope to be back soon.


Terry Murray said...

Yuck! Hope you feel better soon!

Terry Murray said...

I was just looking again at your treatments. I approve of all of them - especially the Ben & Jerry's and the OJ - but you have forgotten something. Scotch?

CHICAGOandPointsNorth said...

Your prose shines, even through the puke. Be well. :-)