Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why Lynn Becker is about to disappear

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This week marks the 12th anniversary of my first article being published in Chicago Reader.  What better time to call a time out?

"No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money," Dr. Johnson famously observed.  I have become that blockhead.

So I'm taking a hiatus to vegetate and experiment - fiction, poetry, screenplays, prescription drug disclaimers - so many choices, so little time between naps.

At least until March 1st, I'm also engaging in the radical experiment of swearing off social media.

No Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

No posts.

No reading of posts. 

Is this even possible, in a time when seemingly every last one of us has been sucked like Alice through the Looking Glass down into our smartphone screens?

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

When I look at my life, all my misfortunes are pretty much self-made; the wonderful things the gift of others.  I'm going to do a Trumbo and not name names, but you know who you are.  Except for you, I would have been a irredeemably dull boy, making his home in a box on Lower Wacker.

And thanks to you, my readers and followers, for your patience, generous if misguided attention, and eloquent engagement.

If you should need to reach me, I'll still be checking e-mail.  I'm not a total idiot.


Unknown said...

Enjoy your hiatus. Your updates will be missed, but more and more I'm understanding the need for folks to take a sharing break. Please, when you come back, come back BIG :)

jack said...

I'll miss you too... it already seemed like I was having Becker withdrawal between your posts... don't keep us waiting too long...

Mopface said...

Damm Lynn, I enjoy reading your articles SO much. You know I've always loved you. And now you're going, "away". Please do not make it too long. And I may need that prescription writing thing soon. :)

And maybe answer your phone once in a while.

Miss You Already,

Sam Jones said...

All I can say is, in my networks, which consist largely of culturally oriented folks on the east coast, science and technology nerds on the west, and a few of both types in Chicago and elsewhere, you are one of the very few people where almost everything you write is of interest. Have a good hiatus, and looking forward to seeing what comes in the future.

jh said...

“The descent beckons as the ascent beckoned” _WCW


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your hiatus, Mr. Becker. Looking forward to your future work.

Anonymous said...

Your wit, wisdom, observations and insight will be missed.

Unknown said...

Missing your blog. You ever coming back?

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