Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lynn Becker Gallery comments

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these images, Lynn. I look forward to visiting your new site regularly.
Maybe you should consider offering your full resolution images for sale. I bet there will be interest in purchasing them!

Holly in San Francisco

David Steele said...

Are you our own modern day Vivian Maier?

Linda Johannesen said...

perusing your images made my day. thanks lynn. we humans respond to, are hungry for beauty, truth. in a time of too many words and sounds barreling down, these images quench my thirst.

Rita Rhodes said...

The images that you capture and your commentary about them display a sense of humor that I really appreciate.

Liz Chilsen said...

Wow. thank you! This is beautiful. I'll be checking in. I really enjoy your perspective and humor. And the photos are lovely. :-)

Bob Johnson said...

Dear Lynn

Good to see you back again with a website. Looking forward to your postings Bob Johnson, SE
m.SEAOI check out our meetings. events
volunteer to several STEM programs

Cate Plys said...

What a relief to see you're back!