Monday, July 23, 2012

Dimming the Sharpness of Vision: Fereshteh Toosi Tuesday evening at Access Living

Archeworks is sponsoring what looks to be a fascinating lecture by Montreal's Fereshteh Toosi, Dimming the Sharpness of Vision, 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 24th at Access Living, 115 West Chicago, 4th floor community room.  RSVP here.
What has inspired architects, artists, and designers to integrate odor, touch, sound, and flavor in their work? Grounding her inquiry in an understanding of ocularcentricity in Western thought, Fereshteh will present a basic overview of sensory studies -- an interdisciplinary field that begins with an anthropology of the senses as it intersects with aesthetics and phenomenology. The audience will learn about Fereshteh's projects and other productions that emphasize multisensory experience: surround sound, "smell-o-vision", immersive 3D, floating isolation tanks, the Tactile Dome at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, "flavor tripping" parties, Snoezelen sensory therapy for autism, and business workshops that take place in total darkness.
Puts me in mind of Ron Krueck's idea for a Sensescape museum for Northerly Island.

There's so much more to how architecture affects us than what we perceive through the single sense of sight.  End Ocular Oppression!  (I'm thinking of having T-shirts made.)

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