Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Face Off

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Things change, as they say, but the new Ronald McDonald House on Grand, designed by Antunovich Associates, may set a new record.

The 14-story story tower, opened just last month, is already seeing itself dwarfed by the 42-story David Hovey-designed Optima Center rising just behind it.  All those lovely south-facing windows at Ronald McDonald, rather than offering the anticipated view across the river, will soon be only yards away from the newer residential tower.  I've yet to see any rendering for Optima other than one from a towards-the-northwest perspective, so I'm not sure whether the guests at Ronald McDonald - families whose children are undergoing medical treatment -  will be looking at a blank wall or actually be able to follow the comings and goings of cars and residents on the other side of the puny gap.

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