Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Burberry Facade Plaid - Limited Time Only!

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The metal framing that will carry the facade elements of the new Burberry store on North Michigan Avenue is being put in place.
Enjoy it now.  This tan, white and black polychrome plaid, with scaffolding overlays, will disappear as the structure nears complettion.
Already, highly reflective black tinted glass pieces are appearing within the frames.
They're not windows.  The frame is being affixed to the solid wall beneath.
The staircase on Ontario Street that will be a highly visible part of the completed design is already in place, in a well of wallboard whose own plaster geometrics will soon disappear under final finishes.
Eventually, the black of the window glass will take over the whole of solid portions of the facades, as illustrated in the rendering above,  taken from the invaluable website.  The Dark Knight of Michigan Avenue descends.  Raincoat included.

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Emma perez said...

I'm going to have to check this out. I live in Chicago! It's going to be cool to take a picture of it. Thanks for the heads up.