Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Archeworks Launches Redesigned Website

Archeworks has unveiled what it calls the first phase of its new website. "Archeworks is really a hothouse in Chicago," says co-founder Eva Maddox in a streaming video overview on the distinctive school's mission and operation. "I think that our role here is to continuously stir the pot, and to push design to the limit."

Each year, Archeworks accepts up to 25 students, who are organized into three teams, each to research "a community need, work with community partners" and develop design solutions to problems that are usually neglected by the more traditional elements of the profession.

"Good design rarely shows up in public housing, in prison, the prison system, in a whole panoply of places," Archeworks co-founder Stanley Tigerman adds in the school's overview video. "Architects and designers are mostly working for, frankly, rich people or surrogates. They tend not to work directly with a constituency that really needs them."

The new site includes an archive of the over 30 individual projects that has been undertaken by Archeworks students since its founding.in 1993.

Visit the Archeworks website

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archeworks--the new calvinism