Thursday, July 14, 2005

Graham Foundation website posts streaming videos of its 2005 lecture series.

The Graham has announced that its website now includes streaming videos of each of its spring, 2005 "About Chicago" lecture series. The series include lectures by Stanley Tigerman, John Brunetti, Annette Ferrara, Gunny Harboe, John Ronan, and David Woodhouse. The videos go beyond the usual static head shots of lecturers by incorporating relevant images. The quality of those images is still problematic - most are of projected images, and the 320 x 240 pixsel resolution of the videos is severely limiting - but the Graham Foundation's efforts mark a major contribution to using the internet to bring the richness of Chicago architecture and design
Visit the Graham Foundation's 2005 spring lecture series webpage:

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Randi Doeker said...

I highly recommend Gunny Harboe's talk for teens wondering what they are going to do when they grow.

And for any parents wondering if their unfocused kids will turn out OK.

Randi Doeker
Birds & Buildings Forum