Thursday, October 27, 2005

Uptown Theater Update

The situation with the 1925 Uptown Theater, a 4,000 movie palace on the city's north side, continues to deteriorate. As can be seen in this photograph from the Friends of the Uptown, scaffolding has arisen over the ornate front facade, and weatherproofing has been placed over locations where original bricks and ornamental terra cotta have been removed and stored for safekeeping. Otherwise, the building's state of being closed and secured remains unchanged, and boosters continue to try to come up with a plan that could draw investment for the theater's revival.

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Anonymous said...

I was born, raised in Chicago. I LOVE it's energy, cool buildings, wonderful people. This Icon, UPTOWN Theater MUST be saved. ANY way I could HELP out. PLEASE KEEP me in the loop. Even though I live in Orlando Fl, wonderful if you like uninspired sights, Chicago is MY HOME. I'm an artist down here, I want to see the UPTOWN Theater SHINE again!!!! Sign ME UP!!!!