Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friday deadline for ULI Community Vision Awards, 'til 9/15 for Driehaus Prize

Friday is the last day on which nominations will be accepted for the 5th annual Community Vision Awards, "recognizing projects and communities that demonstrate excellence in applying sound land use principles and demonstrate best practices within the Chicago region." The award is co-sponsored by ULI Chicago, the Metropolitan Planning Council, the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. Nominated individuals must be under 35, whose "personal and professional goals embody the Urban Land Institute’s commitment to sensible land-use, civic spirit and community involvement." Projects must demonstrate "leadership between public and private project team." You can download the nomination info packet here. Among 2007 winners was The Center on Halsted. Prizes include a $500 voucher towards a ULI Annual Fall meeting or a Professional Development course.

If it's the really big money you're after, there's the $200,000 Richard H. Driehaus Prize, the anti-Pritzker, "awarded annually to an outstanding architect or firm whose work applies the principles of classicism, with respect to sustainability, to the built and natural environment. It is the largest unrestricted prize of its kind." The University of Notre Dame began accepting nominations on July 22nd, with a September 15th final deadline. Nominations, open to the general public, can be made, on-line here.

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Anonymous said...

The center on halsted is a train wreck. We must not promote the use of mullions as costume jewelery.