Monday, August 29, 2005

. . . and life goes on. Otters and fish besiege Racine

Chicagoans may have had their fill after cows and furniture, but Racine, Wisconsin has made that kind of municipal whimsy an annual infestation. From dogs, to cats, to bears (oh, my!), this year the city's Summer Splash program has turned to fish and otters, nearly a hundred of them, wrapping up their appearance all along Main Street on their way to being auctioned off at the city's Memorial Hall at 4 P.M on September 10th, with the opening bid for each item started at $350.00 Last year's auction was anything but bearish, kicking $20,000 into Racine's development coffers. Future summers will see the coming of frogs, locusts, gnats and boils. (Just kidding - I hope.)

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