Friday, August 19, 2005

Winning Outdoor Recycling Receptacles Unveiled Today at Noon in Daley Plaza

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(And no, that's not Mike from Monsters Inc. in the left-hand picture, no matter what the lawyer from Disney is trying to tell you.)

The winning designs for what is billed as Chicago's "first citywide recycling receptacles" will be announced at a ceremony beginning at noon, today, Friday, August 19th, at Daley Plaza.

The competition was co-sponsored by AIA Young Architects Forum of Chicago and the City's Department of the Environment. More than 80 creative teams submitted designs for a outdoor recycling receptacle. Beginning at 10:30 A.M. prototypes of the top 25 designs will be on display at Daley Plaza. A jury of architects and recycling experts will select winners, and there will also be a "People's Choice" voting for public input. Mayor Richard M. Daley is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at noon, with the winning entries to be announced at 12:30. If you want to check it all out, do it now, because the prototypes will be on display only until 8:00 P.M. on Friday, the 19th. The City of Chicago’s “Live Green” exhibit showcasing recycling strategies and products, will also be on display.


Anonymous said...

Found your post via the blog 'A Daily Dose of Architecture'. Here in Seattle we have a couple of different recycling receptacles and, I'm happy to say, quite a large population of them in the downtown area. However, none quite as interesting as any of these entries. I love the notion of passing on newspapers.

Anonymous said...

If you missed the display in Daley Plaza, you can see the 3 winning receptacles in the Cityspace gallery of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S. Michigan Ave., from October 14 through mid-November. All 83 design entries from the competition will be displayed as well.