Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What a Big Urn You Have, Mr. Wright!

We've just received a press kit from The Westcott House Foundation, the organization behind the recently completed $5,300,000 restoration of the house of the same name, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908 in Springfield, Ohio. The 4,400 square-foot house, built for luxury touring car manufacturer Burton J. Westcott, is now open for tours. The first floor living space is an unbroken 64 by 20 foot plane. combining dining, living room and library. The foundation claims the twin 7-foot-high, 350 pound urns that grace the front terrace just off a reflecting pool are the largest Wright ever designed for a residence.

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Anonymous said...

About 14 years ago some friends and I (architecture students all) made a trip to see the Sullivan bank in Sydney, Ohio. On the way back the FLW nut among us suggested taking a detour to check out some obscure Wright house in Springfield. The last time I saw this house it was in dreadful shape. Rotting and falling trim, beat up window air conditioners teetering on sills, and crumbling stucco. I think it had been carved up into apartments. I'ts great to see it rescued from that tragic existance. I really had no idea it could look this good. I wish we had taken pictures, but nobody thought it was worth the film in it's (then) current state.