Saturday, April 07, 2007

And what's Al Gore hiding at the AIA Convention? Your conspiracy theory here.

A couple of weeks ago, Matt Tinder in AIA Media Relations confirmed that former Vice-President Al Gore's address at the AIA Convention in San Antonio will be closed to the press. Tinder stated that he knew nothing about the reasons why other than it was spelled out in the contract.

Exactly when did Al Gore turn into Antonin Scalia? Exactly what is he telling the architects that the rest of us can't be trusted to hear? ("You want the truth?", the former Vice-President was heard to comment, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!") Does it have anything to do with the hostility his appearance has generated among the AIA's more dedicated troglodites?

As a public service, we hereby initiate our own "What's Al Gore Hiding?" forum where we're asking our readers to come up with their best conspiracy theories about the secrecy. The more outlandish the better. We'll even start you off:

1. Will admit the whole global warming thing is a scam to maximize his speaking fees.
2. Will warn architects to prepare for global warming causing cities in the American desert to self-combust by 2009.
3. Will unveil a new AIA initiative, based on carbon emissions trading, to create a system for the trading of permits for really bad architecture.
4. Will reveal that Frank Gehry's fondness for titanium and stainless steel is the third largest cause behind the rise in the earth's temperature
5. Will divulge his actual current weight.

OK, now it's up to you. Submit your own theories here.


Anonymous said...

check this

38 percent of the public would believe Al Gore blew up the World Trade Center.

No really just check,2777,DRMN_23972_4851123,00.html

Anonymous said...

Yes, Virginia there are conspiracies..... To be human is to conspire..... when you lay out a plan to build a building, that is a conspiracy...!!!!
Gore, who forgot to tell you he was HIRED by the British government of Big Liar Tony Blair on October 30, 2006, is working for a group of "people," i.e. conspiring with them... to further a scheme for an imperial Tower of Babel, "world governemnt," to replace the Treaty of Westphalia System of Sovereign Nation States.
There are many aspects to THE BIG LIE ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING AND THE CARBON CAP AND TRADE SCAM and to Gore's personal racist actions against black elected officials in the United States and to his racist threats against the South Arican government in 1999 when they produced generic AIDS Drugs to attempt to stop the Spread of AIDS!!!!!! But to sum it up succintly, he is a Malthusian, anti-population, anti-science, lackey of the British eugenics supporting racists such as Prince Phillip and Prince Charles....
So, if anyone wants the full documentation of the above.... feel free to send me an e-mail at or go on the website and get all of the documentation on GORE plus a lot more.....
Gerald Pechenuk, LaRouche PAC, Chicago

Anonymous said...

Waiter, more Valium for table number 9.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think Mr Gore might want it to be an educational talk on architecture and not turn it into a media frenzy on whether he will run or not? Sheesh.

Lynn Becker said...

It's a talk, not a press conference, and pretty unlikely to provide a "media frenzy". Vice President Gore has never been shy about exposing his "educational talk"s to the widest possible audience. What's he saying to architects that he can't say to the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

You people are all idiots. I am an architect and I was there to hear Al Gore's talk on Sustainable Architecture (which was the theme at this year's AIA convention). Mr. Gore gave a great speech, and like someone mentioned, it was for architects, not the media. The media would have gotten absolutely nothing out of it. There are no conspiracies or any ridiculous crap like that. Global warming is real and we all know it. You poor people need to wake up and crawl out from under that rock you are hiding under and realize that not everyone in this world - government included - is out to get you. Mr. Gore is doing a LOT for this entire world (he told us about a recent trip to South Africa to give the very same speech that he gave to us), and he is just trying to educate the misinformed (and ignorant as proven by this blog) public before we push the earth to its breaking point. In case you are wondering, no I am not a democrat, nor am I a republican, and nobody paid me to write this. I just think that the public needs to wake up and stop being so ignorant. And fyi, if you really thought that Al Gore was "hiding something", just know that it was open to the general public and you could have gone to hear for yourself.

Lynn Becker said...

I can't decide which ranters are loonier - the true-blue conspiracy theorists, or those architects who actually believe that they, and only they, have the capacity to receive Al Gore's wisdom. "The media would have gotten absolutely nothing out of it," indeed.
Can you spell c-o-n-d-e-s-c-e-n-d-i-n-g
boys and girls?

The practice of architecture is an endeavor shaping our common environment, not a private club. The idea that there are still architects who actually believe the general public is too stupid to find any value in what Al Gore had to say on Sustainable Architecture goes a long way to explain the contempt in which that general public holds the architectural profession when it's represented by practitioners who substitute pomposity and arrogance for talent.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Becker, I think you misunderstood what I said. I said that the media would have gotten nothing out of it because, as we all know, the media is just looking to twist and turn the story into something it's not, just to get ratings. His message to us (architects) was exactly the same as he has given to thousands of others - both other professions, congress, the public, and other countries as well. Like I mentioned before, it was open to the general public so you should have gone if you wanted to hear him for yourself. Hopefully you can catch him some other time so you can hear for yourself what a brilliant speaker he is and you can lay your so-called "conspiracy theories" to rest once and for all.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the trade press scheduled to go to AIA in San Antonio (but didn't, due to personal reasons), I would've been floored to be told to "stay out" of the keynote address. And that goes for anyone giving the talk, from Al Gore to the president of the National Milk Bottle Association. How could you expect me to fairly cover an entire event when I'm shut out of the presentation setting the theme?

The AIA, as with many trade associations and groups,use their annual get-togethers as a place to share knowledge. (The AIA also runs a rather large trade-show floor for building-materials vendors, so it's not just an academic meeting of the minds.) The trade press covers these events on behalf of a wider audience -- the people who are unable to attend. Is this a portent of the idea that if you're not there, you can't share?

And, I take a lot of offense by the brave Anonymous poster who brandishes a very wide brush in describing the "media" as a bunch of sound-bite-hungry idiots. As an attendee at past AIA events, I can tell you that virtually all of the writers, editors, etc. in attendance are there to cover the events important to their trade and industry. We're all very interested in how sustainability impacts our different areas, and I'm sure that Gore's speech would figure highly in the mood of the current meeting and in future actions by the AIA and its individual members.

We're not all a bunch of Ellsworth Tooheys out here, pal, no matter what you or, apparently, Al Gore might think.

Lynn Becker said...

Thank you Emerson Schwartzkopf for finally getting into words what I'm trying to express.

"The media" includes both the Star and the New York Times. It's fine to say I could have attended Gore's speech if I wanted, but I couldn't, just like hundreds of thousands of others who couldn't make the trip to San Antonio but are vitally concerned about architectural issues, and who help shape the debate either as journalists or as public citizens.

By not allowing the press in to transmit what Gore had to say, it not only undermines that debate, but enables the wildest fantasies of the less ethical members of the press, which was the point of my original, satirical (at least so I thought) posting.

Lynn Becker said...

WBEZ's Edward Lifson has posted a link to a story in the San Antonio News Express, which decided to cover Gore's speech despite the ban. The demand for secrecy remains a mystery, as the speech appears to the same he's delivered many times before. It included, according to the News Express Report, a call "for a business pollution tax that would be used to offset or eliminate employment and payroll taxes and for the creation of a federal mortgage institution that would help offset the cost of building environmentally friendly homes."

Anonymous said...

Hi. LSU Arch. school graduate and SA convention volunteer. Environmentally friendly design has been around since, . forever. Google Ken Yeang, Louisiana plantation homes, my 1957 tract home. We perhaps should have had an ARCHITECT or scientist lecture instead of the Jimmy Swaggert of environmentalists (Al went to divinity school and law school). Also check out Mike Crichtons "State of Fear" ok story but great global warming debunking from a doctor, not a politician.