Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Boom Town: Chicago Under Construction

Hilton Garden Inn on Wacker (click images for larger view)
Leavitt Street Bridge, 606 Bloomingdale Trail
Northwest Tower
Loyola Quinlan School of Business

200 North Michigan

Block 37 Residential Tower
150 North Riverside
former Mulligan school, after slight fire
River Point
Ability Institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Chicago Motor Club hotel
Wolf Point West
Chicago Riverwalk


Anonymous said...

The Hilton garden inn with it's windowless western wall is unacceptable. Alderman Brendan Reilly
should have fought for a building of much better quality. This building on
such a tiny site could have been a showstopper, instead it's going to be a massive dud. The new Hilton is a mistake in the making, Thanks Mr Reilly, That lump of coal in your stocking is from architecture lovers everywhere. On the plus side The Chicago motor club building next door is getting some love and will soon shine once again.

Unknown said...

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volgakalki99 mayor said...
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