Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tanks for the Memory

Mayor Richard M. Daley jumpstarts a Chicago Architectural Club competition that attempts to place the soul of Chicago in the city's historic water tanks. Read all about it - and see all the pictures here.


Anonymous said...

The claim is that the City of Chicago will somehow be "injured" if these pieces of junk are dismantled. That's utter garbage. Why is this anyone's business but the property owners--why can't they decide what to do with them? Has the City offered to pay for them?

I think the skyline will definitely be improved if the water tanks are taken down. Do we really live in a sort of country where ministers of culture decide what a business owner can or cannot say via architecture?

Anonymous said...

My first view of the west side of the City of Chicago was in the early 60's from the upper level of a Chicago and Northwestern train en route to Milwaukee. The view westward was loaded with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of water tanks atop city buildings. Near and far they dominated the city skyline.It was as sight that struck me as uniquely "Chicago" and will remain with me the rest of my life.