Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's The Great Chicago Christmas Tree (some assembly required)

New York City's Rockefeller Center takes the east way out. Each year, they just raid Connecticut, find some 84 foot Norwegian Spruce that's been growing since 1947, ignominiously chop it down, strap it onto a 115-foot long trailer, and haul it to midtown Manhattan to serve as that seasons' Christmas tree.

In Chicago, on the other hand, we make things. We've got an 85-foot-high tree, but it's made up of 113 Wisconsin Balsam Firs, laid out like tinker toys awaiting assembly under the watchful gaze of Chicago's Picasso in the Richard J. Daley Center Plaza. See how it's done - including all the pictures - here.

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marks@studio said...

Hi Lynn,

Is there a union behind Chicago's unitary tree making?