Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Waterview down 25, up 38

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Crain's Chicago Business and the Wall Street Journal are both reporting that the concrete carcass on Wacker may actually finally be completed.  Megadeveloper Related Midwest has acquired Waterview, originally intended to combine a Shangri-La hotel with upscale condo's.  The structure, which got as far as 27 unfinished floors before the  money ran out in 2008, will be downsized from 90 stories to 65 - no condo's, but 500 luxury apartments, with construction to begin next year.


Anonymous said...

Any one know if there's a local architect or interior designer involved?

Anonymous said...

Are there any editor's to correct the reference to "condo's?"

Lynn Becker said...

This is a blog. There are no editors. You're lucky there's punctuation.