Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Night and the City

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Larry said...

The City should landmark the Central Camera sign.

Terry Murray said...

What are the two magenta-ish lighted buildings? One is magenta just at the top.

Terry Murray said...

Oh, and I agree with Larry about the Central Camera sign. An iconic neon sign here in Toronto is in danger of being lost. Ryerson University bought and tore down the old Sam the Record Man store (when Sam's went bust) to put up a new building. It signed a contract with the city (which declared the Sam's sign a heritage element) that it would put the neon spinning LPs on one of its new buildings. Now, Ryerson is reneging.

Lynn Becker said...

The second to last photograph is one of the towers of Jaume Plensa's Crown Fountain. The fifth photo is the illuminated glass beehive atop 310 S. Michigan, now a condo project renamed The Metropolitan Tower.
The second photograph is Harry Weese's Metropolitan Correctional Center.
I think the sign I most miss is the marquee for the United Artists Theater, demolished for Block 37.

Anonymous said...

Nice set of photos.

The jail looks intriguing and forbidding at the same time.