Friday, June 22, 2012

If Dogs Ruled the Art World - Canine-ized Matisse, Dali and Seurat at Churchill Park

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So, it's not exactly Roy Lichenstein's cribs on the work of the likes of Cezanne, Gris, and Frank Lloyd Wright on view at the don't-miss Art Institute retrospective, but then, it's not Dogs Playing Poker either.

At the Churchill Field Dog Park in Bucktown, painted along the side of the rail viaduct that is to become the Bloomingdale Trail, there are a series of murals in which the artists pay tribute to some of the most iconic works of Western art by depopulating the humans and replacing them with dogs.
Colleen Cothern
John Bambino
Rainbow Kitty
(if you know the artist's name, please add a comment)

I'm sure the cats would respond in kind, but - wait - there are no cat parks.  What's up with that?


Esther said...

Cave Canine, Dali Dogi, Barkes Seurat, and Woofi Matisse.

Diana Berek, she, her who is phoebe moon said...

The unattibuted mural panel was psainted by Diana Berek and is titled:
"Dance II with Nasturtium In the Studio as imagined by Henri "Mutt-isse"

Anonymous said...

that's Salivador Dogli.

"Persistence of a Dog's dream"

by John Bambino

Anonymous said...

These are currently slated for destruction by the proposed Bloomingdale Trail project. They claim that they have to tear down the walls, but there may be a way to seal the murals and keep them when the new path is built. Please contact The Bloomigdale trail people and local aldermen to let them know you want these preserved!!!!