Monday, April 10, 2006

With a lot of Loopla, ABC 7 opens new street level studio

We'll give you more pictures and description later, but for now, here's a couple shots from this mornings ribbon-cutting ceremonies for ABC7 Chicago's new street-level studio built in what was originally the lobby of the State-Lake Theater. Mayor Daley, the Jesse White tumblers, and a bevy of Channel 7 news anchors were all in attendance.


John Hill said...

Wow. Andy Shaw looks ecstatic.

Anonymous said...

I think that may actually be Alan Krashesky, but, yes, he does look almost unnaturally chipper. God only knows what kind of drugs they have to administer these people to look that happy so early in the morning.

John Hill said...

D'oh! It sure is Alan Krashesky.