Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in Chicago 2007

It's time for this year's photo essay on Chicago gussying itself up for the holidays. See all the pictures of old friends and new here. Warning: includes some arboreal nudity.


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures, Probably because they are christmas pictures and all!!
Great photography! Great Captions!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Merry Christmas!

B2Arch said...

Great pictures and captions, thanks much. One teaser though: you talk about the differing lions at the art museum and your photo only has the north lion. I guess I'll have to use it as an excuse to go see it in person once I'm back from the relatives in Indianapolis, home of the world's largest 'Christmas Tree" (Monument Circle with 5.000 lights strung from the top). Which brings to mind that the lions won't be donning Bears helmets this year. I'm not sure what they decorate here for the Colts but in the political season perhaps both images could be placed on local horses a**es.

Anonymous said...

Lynn - have been 'lurking' and reading your blog for several months now - thank you for very enjoyble and sophisticated commentary, and great photos.