Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's August 11th - Time for the Monthly Calendar of Architecture Events!

Yes, I know, I'm terrible, but I've . . . been busy. Plus, my goldfish ran off with a disreputable salmon, and I was extremely conflicted about how to react. Should I be angry? Relieved? Can I still return the ten-gallon drum of fish food? But enough of my problems.

Next month, for sure.

Even though things get pretty slow in August, there's still quite a bit to tempt you away from the beach or comfy hammock. The National Trust for Historic Preservation's chief architect Barbara A. Campagna appears twice, WGN's Mike Nowak talks about going green about going green, Susan Benjamin discusses the shopping mall from the 19th century to today for Landmarks Illinois, and much more. Check out the full August Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events here.

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