Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The New Chicago Tribune?

The Onion, without the jokes.

(Or without proofreaders, apparently. Tuesday headline: CSO brings Mussoggsky work to life)

(Press release: In order to further cut expenses and make text fit into its new reduced size, the Chicago Tribune has announced it will randomly omit letters from excessively large words. "In today's challenging environment," explains chief innovation officer Lee Abrams, "people don't have time for long words. By eliminating anachronisms like double consonants, we are providing the kind of breezier read today's subscribers demand, while letting us reduce our news hole by another .715%. Win, win, all around."

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Anonymous said...

In the old days, husbands would tell their wives that they read Playboy "...for the articles, not the pictures."

With the current Tribune, you can say you read it for the articles. There are no articles. Just big dopey pictures. At least the Playboy pictures were worth looking at.