Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barn and Board: Halvorson and Partners, Studio/Gang Wood Design Awards

WoodWorks, an associations of North American wood associations, has recognized two Chicago firms in their 2010 North-Central Wood Design Awards.
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Halvorson & Partners receiving an Engineering award for its work reconstructing a 1913 round barn into a home for the Bolingbrook Farm Museum. "The structural system included a plywood reinforced shear wall core within the original center silo and custom scissor roof trusses able to adequately support snow loads and resist wind forces. The final reconstructed structure captures the essence of the original round barn."
Studio/Gang received an Innovative Design award for its Peoples Gas Education Pavilion at the new Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk. The strcuture was "inspired by the tortoise shell, [and] consist of a series of pre-fabricated pods inter-connected to give global curvature to the surface."

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