Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Juan Moreno and UNO Charter today at CAF, Tigerman rêverie at the Graham tomorrow - February calendar . . . ?

We're still in our hamster-in-a-wheel phase of completing the February calendar of Chicago architectural events . . .
So, here's a heads-up that today at 12:15 at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 South Michigan, there's a lecture, Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy and UNO Charter School, featuring Juan Moreno, AIA, President JGMA Architects.
And a reminder that tomorrow at the Graham at 6:00 p.m., there's the opening reception for the Stanley Tigerman exhibition, "Ceci ne'st pas une rêverie".  (At Yale, it was known as "Ceci n'est pas une rêverie")  The accompanying 5:00 p.m. lecture by exhibition curator Emmannuel Petit, Scaffolds of Heaven: on Tigerman, is waitlisted.  More info here.

. . . and now - back to the wheel (spin,spin,spin)

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