Saturday, December 07, 2013

Chicago Through the Eye of the Commute - A New Instagram Stream

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I started a new job at the end of September, at a great place with fine people.  The only downside - I thought - was that for the first time in many, many years, I no longer walk to work but have a daily (laughably short) commute from Marina City to the State and Lake Loop L station to Paulina on the Brown Line and back each day.
Yet even that commute has a proven a blessing (I'm writing before the subzero cold hits).   It's become a bit of a palette cleanser from the accustomed hyper-density of the Loop, to the humanly-scaled ecosystem of a neighborhood.  So now on Instagram (follow me at my user name:  cmgiulini) I've taken to posting two photographs each workday, one from the morning commute, one from the evening.
Instead of timeless shots of the usual-suspect array of Chicago's architectural icons, it's much more impressionistic - the things we may not deliberately "see" as we pass them each day, but that still register as the visual signposts along our personal journey through the natural and constructed world.  The things in these random snapshots are a sampling of the cocoon-continuous stream of millions of visual impressions that gently bleed into our brain to color our consciousness every second of our every waking hour.
Or in other words, a bunch of iPhone quickies.


jack said...

Very nice, Lynn

jack said...

BTW, what's the new job O.o

Lynn Becker said...

Mac support for Loyola Press.