Wednesday, November 07, 2007

London and Chicago Olympic Stadiums - Separated at Birth?



Olympic size

80,000 seats

80,000 seats
Post-Olympic size

25,000 seat stadium

5,000 seat amphitheatre
Mayoral Hyperbole

" . . . the best stadium ever constructed anywhere on the planet.” - Ken Livingstone

". . . will create an urban legacy that will outlive the end of the Olympic Games" - Richard M. Daley
Original Cost Estimate

£280,000,000 ($590,000,000) (2004)

$300,000,000 (September, 2006)
Latest Cost Estimate

£496,000,000 ($1,044,000,000) (November, 2007)


(June, 2007)
Initial Reaction to Revised Design

"a bowl of blancmange"

still awaiting first revision


Anonymous said...

good critique of london stadium, shame that the FOA scheme was "used/unused"

Anonymous said...

they dont really look that similar to me all stadiums kind of look the same the way all cars kind of look the same. The chicago one clearly has a hair flip