Monday, August 18, 2008

Trump at 1125: Still Only Number 3, make that 4

Even with a final pour of concrete 1,125 feet off the ground, the Trump International Hotel and Tower still needs three more feet to beat out 1969's John Hancock Center for the title of Chicago's second tallest building.* That will come with the construction of the steel spire that will raise the structure to its ultimate height of 1362 feet. The Saturday topping off ceremony, which secured the Trumpster the title of tallest concrete structure in North America, is described in a Chicago Tribune story here. All hail the mighty Putzmeister 1400 that made it possible.

*thanks to poster David for reminding us that the Aon building is actually Chicago's second tallest, at 1,136 feet.


Anonymous said...

The Aon Center is actually the second tallest in Chicago(for now)at 1,136 ft (

So Trump is currently the fourth tallest, but with its spire will jump quickly to the second.

That is, of course, until the Chicago Spire is completed.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that one day the Council on Tall Buildings (is that the name) changes the criteria for "tallest" so that recognizes the building with the Highest Occupied Floor.

Trump is a great building, but to me, even after it's spire goes up, it will still be shorter than Standard Oil (sorry, Aon) and the Hancock.