Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's Big. It's Bold. It's sometimes delirious. Don't miss this Burnham Centennial exhibition of Chicago architects' visions for the city's future.

In our usually dilatory fashion, we're finally writing about Big.Bold.Visionary. Chicago Considers the Next Century, the great show that you have only four days to see until it ends its run at the Chicago Tourism Center, 72 E. Randolph, on Sunday, October 11th. It's a mix of new content and a "greatest hits" compilation drawing on various competitions, shows, and promotions going all the way back to least 2003, all jostling together, competing with and contradicting each other in a thought-provoking, challenging and entertaining way. Read a little bit about some of the entries that caught my eye - and my surprising pick for best of show - along with lots of pictures here.


admin said...

superficial and disappointing... not the thing you want to spend your free time on... I think the future of chicago has to do with green planning and intelligent communication tools. not with a fancy facade or a Dubai extension of the harbour.

Lynn Becker said...

Well, you really must not have spent much of your time there. If you had, you would seen that there were a number of interesting things entirely along the lines you recommend.