Friday, January 29, 2010

PechaKucha Chicago Global Day for Haiti event February 20

On Saturday, February 20th the Chicago outpost of PechaKucha, which showcases architects, designers and other artists making presentations using 20 slides projected 20 seconds each, will take part in a PechaKucha Global Day for Haiti, a continuous 24 hours of presentations beginning in Tokyo and moving eastward.
Crossing all times zones and cultures, the event will be streamed live online and then finish in Tokyo the following day. Here in Chicago, and around the world, presentations are being prepared - some are intended to offer hope and encouragement through stories of past disaster relief projects, while others offer simple inspiration by showing the power of great creative thinking. Some amazing people have stepped up to the challenge so prepared to be surprised.
Chicago PechaKucha organizer Peter Exley says invitations have gone out for what promises to be an outstanding roster of local presenters, who will be part of 2,000 presenters worldwide.

All the day's proceeds will go to the Haiti rebuilding efforts of Architecture for Humanity, which was also instrumental in getting rebuilding up quickly after Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

The February 20th Chicago event will be at PechaKucha's usual stomping ground, Martyrs' at 3855 N. Lincoln. Because the event takes place in the afternoon, at 2:00 p.m., it's a rare all-ages PechaKucha, an opportunity for those too young to get into bars and too honest to fake an I.D. to take in one of these always fun, informative and engaging events. Call 800-594-8499 for tickets.

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