Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Orkin School of Architectural Ornament

Via Art Daily and other sources, we bring you Casatomada, a sculpture by Rafael Gomezbarros that covers the Columbian Congress Building in Bogota with 1,300 three-foot-long Fiberglas ants, representing "immigration, globalization and displacement." The installation joins a previous animated installation, Defecar Palomas, which explores the ongoing relationship between pigeons and classical outdoor sculpture.

Gomezbarros says that in June his creation will crawl out Columbia for an international tour that will see it taking up residence in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and the U.S., among other countries. Can we all nominate the building we'd most like to see it on here?

Early next month, Chicago will add its own innovative artwork with the installation of Oso Hormiguero. In the vein of Cows on Parade, it will consist of 240 giant Velcro anteaters, each decorated by a separate artist, which will be affixed to the facade of City Hall and suck cash out the wallets of taxpayers walking down LaSalle Street. All proceeds will accrue to the West Loop TIF through 2029.

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cliff said...

BINGO! What a great Sunday morning smile (or grimace, once on realizes the grim truth that your humor references).