Sunday, May 08, 2011

Curtain Wall, Lightly Crumpled, emerges at VOA's Roosevelt U Vertical Campus

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The glass is starting to go up at Roosevelt University's new, 32-story-high Vertical Campus, designed by VOA Associates. I kind of like the windows to the left, which give the building a sort of Scottish Parliament vibe, however temporary.  On the north side of the building, the pegboard back cover is also rising.
It's there because there's a big parking lot on the corner waiting to be filled, once economic conditions revive, with another Solomon Cordwell Buenz residential high-rise, Buckingham II.  You can see the Vertical Campus rise and the empty site to the northwest in this shot from our indefatigable correspondent Bob Johnson.
Buckingham II was projected to be almost as tall as the Vertical Campus whose height, I think, is something like 469 feet, although I can't quite recall where I saw that figure.
This is what it's supposed to look like  when it's all finished.  With that corner space empty, it looks like half of a Miesian duo, laid out, as at the Federal center, right angle to each other, but ditching the black tie formality for a full-up "let's party" mode.

You can read our previous post on the construction - copiously illustrated - here.


Larry said...

I saw the building under construction for the first time from the Drive yesterday and was startled by how prominent it is from the east. It seems to be a nicely proportioned complement to the Michigan streetscape in front of it.

Anonymous said...

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