Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey, Deceps: Who's gonna clean all this up? Loveable Transformers trash Chicago

OK, so now that our state's Decepticon-in-Chief has been judged wanting and sent away, it's time for the some memories of the Transformers:Dark of the Moon shoot last summer when unseen bots-to-be-CGI'ed-later were wreaking havoc on Chicago architecture.

 dateline: July, 2010: Chicago

Filming of Transformers 3 continues to picturesquely rubble up the streets along the Chicago River, this time in front of Milton Schwartz's Executive House, now Hotel 71. The actual transformers, including a 40-foot-tall Decepticon modeled after Rod Blogojevich, will added later via CGI.

Combatants struggle to secure Chicago's Wacker drive from adversaries to be added later, and every shot seems to require starting off with a big explosion.  I think it's the law.  Bay's law, actually.

Father Time takes it all in unmoved.

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