Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hines Point

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Things change.

Discuss among yourselves.

(We'll weigh in later.)

Overview from Blair here.


Pete said...

Ugh. If this is going to happen, couldn't they at least put the smallest, skinny tower on the east side of the parcel. I can't help feeling this setup will obscure some of the magnificence of the Merchandise Mart. Or how about just two towers on the parcel instead? Three seems like overkill.

Paulina said...

...while I think that parcel needs a facelift...Im not taken aback by the eyecady of 3 fuzzy glassy towers.

Anonymous said...

Let's do something, anything to cover the ugliness of Apparel Ctr and the blue-neon condo building at 333 N. Canal St. I am pleased so far with this plan EXCEPT for using TIF money to assist a wealthy developer.