Monday, July 02, 2012

Rosenwald Apartments panel tonight, Happy Hour Tomorrow, calendar soon . . .

Now that we've really entered into summer, architectural events really slow down.  There's a lot of interesting stuff later in the month, but this Holiday week is pretty dead.

An exception is tonight, when there will be a panel on the long-closed, pioneering Rosenwald Apartments.
 Learn about the exciting future of the Rosenwald Apartments, with a look back at their historic significance

The Rosenwald Apartments (originally Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments) are located at 4600 South Michigan Avenue. Designed by Ernest Grunsfeld, they were constructed in 1929.

Remarks by:
·  Peter M. Ascoli, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, author of Julius Rosenwald: The Man Who Built Sears, Roebuck and Advanced the Cause of Black Education in the American South
·  Rebecca Janowitz, author of Culture of Opportunity: Obama's Chicago - The People, Politics, and Ideas of Hyde Park.
·  Judy Levey, Executive Director of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
The event is Monday, July 2, at 5:30 pm, at Powell’s Bookstore, 1218 South Halsted.
We last wrote about the Rosenwald Apartments, created by Sears Roebuck executive Julius Rosenwalkd and designed by architect Ernest Grunsfeld, Jr. in 2009, and you can check the article here.


Also, undeterred by the impending holiday, Tuesday, AIA Chicago's Young Architects hold their monthly First Tuesdays Happy Hour from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., at Citizen Bar, 364 West Erie Street.


Carla said...

They seem to be very well located and that is the key for a tourist. They cannot waste time going around, taking cabs, waiting for buses and all those things, they have to stay at a place that is close to all the main attractions of a city. When I travelled to Argentina as a tourist, I got a Buenos Aires temporary rent near the obelisk, that would be like the Liberty Statue in the state. All the important spots are around the biggest and most important monument of that town. That is the reference you need to find and then get an apartment near it!

Dorothy L. Lind said...

I'm pretty psyched about your project as well. Sounds like it's going to be a huge success. Will it be furnished or not? If it is, make sure you choose the right furniture to match your home's theme.