Wednesday, June 04, 2014

This is an International Competition? Chicago issues Bid Documents for proposals to create "North America's City of Lights"

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It was last January that  Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his idea to boost tourism by turning Chicago through an international competition to turn the Chicago into “North America's City of Lights"  Now, the Sun-Times'  Fran Spielman has uncovered the fact that the "competition" consists of what is basically an RFP for a “City-wide Lighting Framework Plan”.

This is no competition.  No jury is referenced.  Proposals will go through The Department of Fleet and Facility Management Department.  The deadline for any questions is only two weeks away, with a "pre-submittal conference" at City Hall on June 13th, with July 7th the deadline for submissions, with the winning bid to be announced in “late summer”.  There will be no compensation for the first two phases.  Up to four finalists will receive $25,000.
At first glance, this doesn't seem like the way to get great design, and the officially unheralded release of the RFP, coupled with the extremely tight deadlines - it took four months to announce the project, but participants get only a month to prepare, and only 10 days to ask questions - indicates the fix may already be in.  Still, there's a lot of study here, which I'll be doing, and you can also look at the official documents on the city's website here.  You can also read our original report from January . . .

Chicago: City of Light? Mayor Rahm Sees Luminous Future for his Town's Architecture 

Official proposal documents on City of Chicago  Bids, RFP, RFQ, RFI, Small Order


Audrey said...

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Audrey said... Bring this to Chicago instead:
Solar "Freakin" Roadways

Audrey said...

Is there anyone on this ArchitectureChicago PLUS network that would be willing to develop a lighting framework plan for Chicago, the Starlight City?

The deadline is so short, and the project so big, that it seems that a collaboration of efforts is appropriate.

Inside the RFP is the following text:
"Reducing light pollution, in general is a goal for the LFP [lighting framework plan]. It is not the aim to brighten Chicago’s already overly bright sky. As previously mentioned, in order for the impact of lights to work, there is a need for darkness. All design proposals should be sensitive to the importance of avoiding light pollution and their ultimate aim should be to improve the overall condition of the city’s night sky"

However, I still very much disagree that thousands of LED lights on bridges, and massive light projections on iconic buildings and light shows galore are in any stretch of the imagination a match for the above quoted goal of the RFP (unless there was a means to capture the light before it escapes upwards & sideways into the night sky).