Sunday, September 10, 2006

Koolhaas's CCTV begins to tower over Beijing

In case you don't subscribe to the indispensible Archinect newsletter, we're passing on one of their current links, to an extraordinary set of photographs from, posted by a user who identifies herself as miss min, a student at the Architectual Association School of Architecture in London, of the construction of the Rem Koolhaas designed headquarters for CCTV, the Chinese TV monopoly, in Beijing. Due to be completed for the 2008 Olympics, the 230-meter-high, 400,000 square-meter structured is to be a continuous loop of horizontal and vertical elements. Miss Minn's photoset also includes a number of great shots of Tiananmen Square, as well as of the also-under-construction Herzong and De Meuron Olympic Stadium.

This kid gets around, as every student should. Her flickr pages offers up photo sets of trips to Paris, Athens and other locales, including Mongolia, as well as over a hundred photos beautifully documenting Koolhaas's first major commission, the Maison de Bordeaux.

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