Saturday, September 16, 2006

Massive Change's Bruce Mau to appear with Edward Lifson on WBEZ Sunday

Designer Bruce Mau, in town to launch the Chicago opening of his exhibition, Massive Change, at the Museum of Contemporary Art will be a guest on this Sunday's edition of Edward Lifson's Hello, Beautiful on WBEZ (91.5 FM).

Mau created this almost madly ambitious exhibition, with the students of Institute Without Boundaries, a school he founded at the School of Design at George Brown college in Toronto. In the words of its website, it explores 11 different economies "that address the fundamental role of design in all aspects of human life, from manufacturing and transportation to health and the military. In each area, visitors will encounter the objects, images, ideas and people that are reshaping the role of design in the world." The Chicago run is accompanied by an additional exhibition, Sustainable Architecture in Chicago, that showcases forward looking projects from a diverse group of architects that includes Jeanne Gang, UrbanLabs Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn, Elva Rubio of Gensler, Adrian Smith and Gordin Gills' of SOM, Doug Farr, Helmut Jahn and Stanley Tigerman. We'll write a lot more on both shows later.

For now, Lifson's interview with Mau promises to offer up an excellent introduction to Massive Change and the ideas behind the exhibition. The broadcast begins at 10:00 A.M. If you miss the original broadcast, a streaming version is put up on the Hello, Beautiful site later in the week.

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