Monday, January 28, 2008

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Some of the cast of characters on a construction site, in this case the Wit hotel, now rising at State and Lake.

You loved her on Three's Company,
ladies and gentlemen,
let's give it up for: Joists de Wit


mikel1814 said...

OK I don't comment here, but I visit all the time, and I've commented twice in ten seconds.

I laughed out loud at "Joists De Wit."

That's some classic funny right there.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, keep showing photos of those construction sites. They have a beauty as real as the finished product.

Oh, and add a note of explanation every once in a while for those of us "civilians" who are curious about the construction process. There is a frustrated, would-be ironworker in many of us!