Thursday, March 25, 2010

(Dot) Dashing Tower

Keep staring at the above photo and it will start messing with your head.

Balconies are the grand jest of residential towers. Developers know they need them to help push the units. Developers also know that once the sale is made, residents rarely set foot on them - you're more likely to see bicycles on them than people. Perkins + Will's Ralph Johnson has a new take on condo tower balconies, and it's made the new 235 West Van Buren one of the most distinctive presences in the South Loop skyline. Read all about - and see all the photo's - here.


Jyoti said...

Very interesting!!!

In most countries, other than America, perhaps it's most important use is for drying cloths.

Etymologically, the word's origin is controversial. However by some counts it's said to have originated from India, where it's definitely used to dry cloths. It's hard to image houses without balconies there..

Though, here I wish people invite me to their high-rise balconies and let me take some photos.

Unknown said...


Great, great article. Really enjoyed reading it. Please keep them coming.

Unknown said...


Perhaps it is a little late, but the correct spelling is "grand geste."