Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heading to Venice in August, Mobile Food Collective stops in Logan Square Sunday

At end of August, it'll be part of the exhibition at the U.S. Pavilion of this years Venice Biennale, but throughout the day tomorrow, Sunday, July 18th, the Mobile Food Collective will be bringing its Moveable Feast to three different locations in Logan Square.  A realization of a student work project at Archeworks, it's described as being about:

. . .  addressing the social and environmental impact of food, and working to find an innovative way to bring people together around food, through a variety of avenues.  The Archeworks Team has designed a fleet of mobile structures intended to act as both connector and instigator within local food cultures, to encourage a return to heritage, ownership, exchange, and connection—to make food personal again.
The MFC (Mobile Food Collective)  is many things: an education/exchange platform for planting, growing and cooking; demonstrations and distribution of seeds, soil, compost, and produce; a space activator within a community event; or the centerpiece of a harvest dinner.

Physically, the MFC is conceived as a fleet of mobile structures. The larger mobile unit houses a harvest table and flexible storage cabinets that double as seats. At a smaller scale, there are bikes and trailers, equipped to carry the modular storage cabinets. The mobility of the project allows this dialogue to be constant and moveable—we can go where we are needed, bringing different things to different audiences, connecting different groups across a city, or around the world.
So stop by Sunday at one of the locations listed in the image you see above.  The project is still raising funds towards "completing the final steelwork details, fabricating the skin material, and building out our fleet of bikes and trailers."   You can find more information, and make a donation, here.

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